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Run The Jewels Interview

Killer Mike and El-P of Run The Jewels

Arnette: Hip hop has influenced so many forms of music just as it has electronic…how has electronic influenced the hip hop that you are making?

EL-P: I’m influenced by craft work. The original electronic music, the shit that hip hop came from in a lot of ways, in terms of classic production, I think electronic producers and hip hop producers have a lot of the same influences. We just grew up on a lot of the same shit. We’re feeding off of each other, but we can do that because we kinda all started in the same place. We’re all interested in the same thing from the jump, our histories intersect. I never really saw like a division ya know. When people would be like hey listen to this new form of music called trap, I’d be like oh that shit sounds like rap music. Cool, I like that.

Ryan Decenzo – Crie Sua Visão

Ryan Decenzo e a equipe de skate da Arnette têm uma visão. Queremos criar aquele tipo de campanha que ofereça algum valor palpável para a comunidade do skate. Pensamos em contratar uma agência de publicidade chique da Avenida Madison para criar um lema bem maroto. Brincamos com a ideia de estourar o orçamento com umas câmeras RED para mostrar como fica um kickflip a mil frames por segundo. E também dava para ir pelo caminho preguiçoso e contratar umas strippers para ficarem lá, sendo gostosas na nossa sombra. Mas que bem isso faria para a comunidade do skate? Achamos que você talvez preferisse que a gente pegasse o lendário pico de skate do sul da Califórnia que é o Home Ave Ditch – onde um sem-número de skatistas já criou truques novos bem longe do ambiente meio zoológico que é o parque de skate aí perto de você – e desse uma pitada de amor DIY. Remendamos uns buracos, demos uma suavizada nuns pontos ásperos, construímos um obstáculo novinho em folha e partimos para o skate. Exatamente como você e seus amigos fariam para realizar seus sonhos! Esperamos que vocês curtam a editada, mas, acima de tudo, que curtam sair por aí e construir alguma coisa irada também!

-Mark Appleyard, Kyle Berard, Ryan Decenzo, Scott Decenzo, Pat Duffy, Chris Joslin e Willy Santos

Ryan Decenzo usa Dropout, compre o seu em

Djemba Djemba Interview


During the Colorado Mad Decent Block Party, we sat down with up-and-coming synth and rhythm master Djemba Djemba!

Arnette: What inspired you to start DJing?

Djemba Djemba: I’ve always been playing music since I was 10 or 11 and DJ’ing parties where I grew up since I was 13 or 14, so I’ve always done it, but I didn’t start taking it seriously until I started producing seriously. It just makes more sense to be a DJ and a producer- if you’re producing music most people are playing your music in clubs, so you might as well learn how to do it yourself. So I’d say I started producing first and then DJ’ing, but they both go together.

Denver, CO – Mad Decent Block Party 2014 Recap


We’ve worked our way through some of the continent’s finest northern cities lately with the Mad Decent Block Party, hitting up Toronto, Detroit and Denver. Kicking things off in Canada, MDBP took over the historic Fort York Lawn that seemed to fill up the moment the gates opened, with the crowd highly anticipating the homecoming of Zed’s Dead. A quick trip past a Great Lake or two took us into Detroit, where Mad Decent had lined up an awesome hillside venue just outside of town. Rain began to fall but dampened no spirits, as the Midwest crowd danced in the rain, and gave big welcomes to both Keys & Krates and Flosstradamus.

Then came Colorado. A light rain here couldn’t keep away those seeking out a Sunday Funday with the likes of Outkast and Diplo on the bill. Those who showed up early were rewarded with a special appearance by the random white dude himself during the Mr. Carmack and Djemba Djemba opener. Killer Mike and El-P’s set flowed into Flosstradamus’ set, and before Floss was done they even brought out Waka Flocka! True family-style block party! Outkast finished off the night with a killer 90-minute set that was a straight-up throwback to middle school when you couldn’t find a friend’s iPod that didn’t have a little Stankonia on it. Looks fun doesn’t it? Sign up to win free tickets here!

Interviews with Run The Jewels and Djemba Djemba coming later this week! Video recaps here!

Arnette O’Marisquino 2014


Arnette was very happy to be the presenting sponsor of the 14th annual O’Marisquiño action sports culture event in Vigo Spain, August 8-10.  Despite a little bit of rain, the port city of Vigo was packed with visitors and fans of skateboarding, bmx, graffiti, b-boying and music.  The highlights were definitely on the skate side of things where this year’s event was sanctioned by the World Cup of Skateboarding, and brought out heavyweights from Brazil to Japan. Arnette’s own Danny Leon and Scott Decenzo placed 5th and 6th respectively.